15 Awesome Closing Gift Ideas

Congratulations! You are about to successfully close another real estate deal and now it's time to pick the perfect closing gift.

A closing gift has two purposes; 1. To thank your clients for choosing you as their real estate representative, and 2. To make one final impression on them in hopes of a referral in the near future. A gift card for example will surely be appreciated, however, it may not have the lasting impression you're looking for.

Instead, here are 15 ideas for closing gifts that will truly wow your clients and will likely guarantee a referral in the future!

  1. Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV - Give your clients a new way to experience their favorite TV shows, movies, music, and more by giving them a streaming media player. (Please note your clients will have to subscribe to individual networks like HBO, or steaming apps like Netflix in order to view shows.)
  2. "We've Moved" Postcards - Make it easy for your clients to inform their friends and family they have moved by creating custom address change postcards on their behalf.
  3. Home Warranty - Breakdowns are inevitable, so be the hero for your clients by purchasing a home warranty plan for them.
  4. Personalized Stainless Steel Tub - If your clients like to entertain then a stainless steel beverage tub with their names/initials engraved on the outside would make a fun and much appreciated gift.
  5. MyQ Garage - Peace of mind is priceless. With MyQ Garage your clients will be able to open and close their garage from their smart phones anywhere, anytime.
  6. Moving Day Kit - Be the hero on moving day by giving them a Moving Day Kit equipped with toilet paper, paper towels, snack food, bottled water, wet wipes, box slicers, and anything else they might need!
  7. Samsung SmartThings Hub - Samsung has a wide arrange of products built for home safety and efficiency. Although each product has to be purchased separately, the SmartThings Hub is the first step.
  8. Custom Wooden Cutting Board - A nice cutting board is something everyone deserves but doesn't purchase for themselves. Using Etsy.com, you can purchase a fully customized cutting board for less than $60.
  9. Ring - Provide a level of safety to your clients by giving them Ring, an HD camera that allows them to see who is at the front door prior to opening it. It also has smart motion detection, cloud recording, and takes wide angled videos of the front yard.
  10. Open Cards - Stay top of mind by giving your clients a set of cards with different open dates on them. For example, set one to be opened on moving day, another 6 months after their move, one on their birthdays, ect. In each card write a friendly note and give them a gift card for the occasion.
  11. Handyman Gift Basket - If your clients are first time home buyers it is likely they don't have the handyman essentials. Consider making a basket for them with items like a hammer, screw drivers, tape measurer, ect.
  12. Bluetooth Radio - Moving day is stressful. Make it a little better by giving your clients a Bluetooth Radio so they can enjoy their favorite tunes throughout the day. Don't forget the batteries!
  13. Branded Wine Bottle - Brand the outside of a bottle of wine with either a personalized label or engraving. In addition, have it delivered in a customized wooden box… truly a flawless gift.
  14. Nest Protect/Thermostat/Cam - Nest offer's three top of line home security and energy saving products. Ranging in price, you can give your clients a gift that will benefit not only them, but their home's safety and their bank account too.
  15. Fun Kit for Kids - Entertain the kiddos on moving day by giving them a gift basket full of things to do like sidewalk chalk, games, snacks, ect. The kids will be happy, and their parents will be appreciative.

Do you give a closing gift that your clients love? If so, share it with your fellow Breakthrough Broker agents below!

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