Book Review: #GetSocialSmart, How to Hone Your Social Media Strategy

Before beginning our review, we would like to fully disclose that Katie Lance and Breakthrough Broker have worked together on webinars and content for real estate agents. We consider Katie to be an asset to the industry and are honored to have worked with her. With that said, when we discovered Katie published a book titled #GetSocialSmart, How to Hone Your Social Media Strategy, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy.

Although we’ve worked together on similar content and spend much of our time learning the ins and outs of social media for the growth of BreakthroughBroker.com, were we disappointed in the material within this book? Not one bit. Our highlighters were dying and our brains were full of ideas to test out once we finished the book.

#GetSocialSmart, How to Hone Your Social Media Strategy is your roadmap for conquering the essentials of social media marketing. Where agents once had limited access to marketing tactics and resources, marketing on social media provides endless possibilities for them to reach more consumers than ever before. This book is your guide to achieving this.

The book starts with a comprehensive overview of popular networks, a detailed account of how to curate content, and a list of time management strategies. Throughout the book, Katie introduces blogging best practices, how to optimize visual marketing, including video, and provides in-depth do’s and don’ts for major social networks. Within each chapter, she provides websites, tools, and concepts you can use to simplify your digital marketing.

If you find yourself asking; “How do I create compelling visuals with a low overhead?”, “I’ve heard about content calendars, but how do I create one?”, or “My kids use Snapchat, should I too?”, this book is a must-read for you. It answers common questions real estate pros have about marketing on social media including:

  • Which social networks provide the most ROI for agents?
  • How can I keep my profiles active with the help of content calendars, repurposing content, and automated programs?
  • What’s the simplest way to create content, including editorial, visual, and video content?
  • How can I get my blog in front of consumers via my website and social media?
  • How can I craft the “perfect” post for all major social networks?
  • How do I make the most of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Live Video?

Concepts within the book are broken down into bullet points and short paragraphs, making it easy to follow along and take notes. Each chapter is packed with action items you can put in place today, along with several free or low-cost resources like websites and apps. There are also countless editorial and visual content ideas you can take away and use as your own.

#GetSocialSmart, How to Hone Your Social Media lays down the foundation of marketing in a digital era and is the best read for intermediate to semi-advanced social media marketers. Even if you’re a social media marketing pro, we’re confident in saying that you will take away something new after reading this book.

Get your copy of #GetSocialSmart, How to Hone Your Social Media here!

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