10 Productivity Boosting Habits for Agents

As a real estate professional the saying "There's not enough time in the day" holds true to you. Take control of your to-do list once and for all by practicing these 10 productivity boosting habits:

  1. Write down daily goals - What do you have to/want to accomplish today? Break up your goals into these two categories. By doing so you are creating a to-do list that is prioritized while also mentally confirming to yourself what you will get done for the day.
  2. Make a schedule for the day  , and stick to it! - Plan everything from follow up calls, to breaks. Plan accordingly meaning if you are most productive in the morning schedule your high impact task then and low priority task for the afternoon.
  3. Break up your projects - Working on a new marketing product  or buyer presentation?  Don't spend the whole day on it. Give yourself a due date and schedule out the days and hours which you will work on it.
  4. Organize - Create organized systems for all aspects of your business. For example, every Monday start the day by adding, editing, and removing your leads. By doing so you are ensuring everything in your database is correct and tracked accordingly.
  5. Limit social media - And every other media heavy website. Liking one thing can lead to exploring another thing... and it doesn't end there. Schedule time for social media and web browsing into your day so you can enjoy yourself while staying on track.
  6. Become accountable - Most of the time you are only accountable to yourself. Problem with this? It is easy to put things off for another day. Telling someone about your task for the day will make you feel more obligated to do them.
  7. Have automated systems in place - There are now hundreds of online systems that can help your business run more efficiently. Here is a great list of websites  agents can use to be more productive.
  8. Take a break - It's been proven time and time again, taking a break will not only drastically improve your productivity levels, but you will be happier and healthier as well.
  9. Have a quitting time - No matter how much you love what you do, knowing an end time is near is essential. Set an end time to keep a healthy work/life balance, in addition to having daily deadline times.
  10. Rest - Shut down your computer and quiet your phone. It is important to give yourself time to rest your body and mind before starting a new day.

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