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June 11, 2012—Do agents need to reevaluate their approach to the business?
May 21, 2012—Justify your commission
Apr. 10, 2012—TED Tuesday: Is social media making us less sociable?
Apr. 3, 2012—TED Tuesday: Pay attention to the details
Mar. 27, 2012—TED Tuesday: 8 steps to success
Mar. 22, 2012—Should agent rebates and commission concessions be illegal?
Mar. 21, 2012—TED Tuesday: Ruined genius
Mar. 16, 2012—Etiquette Tip of the Day: Give some feedback!
Mar. 13, 2012—TED Tuesday: You determine your own limits
Mar. 9, 2012—The evil of envy
Mar. 8, 2012—Houses aren't investments? Since when?
Mar. 6, 2012—TED Tuesday: Risky is safe, safe is risky
Mar. 5, 2012—A little appreciation goes a long way
Mar. 1, 2012—Find those renters
Feb. 29, 2012—How do we stop this craziness?
Feb. 28, 2012—TED Tuesday: Passion and patience
Feb. 22, 2012—Caution: Road work ahead (Part 2)
Feb. 15, 2012—Caution: Road work ahead
Feb. 9, 2012—What drives us to succeed?
Feb. 8, 2012—Fly fishing and real estate
Feb. 6, 2012—The balancing act
Feb. 2, 2012—Remember to seek out human-to-human interaction
Jan. 31, 2012—How are you managing your time?
Jan. 30, 2012—"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe"
Jan. 23, 2012—Have you considered your Psychological Profit Margin?
Dec. 27, 2011—Don't focus on the ups and downs of the industry. Focus on you.
Dec. 19, 2011—Really? Another website for searching listings?
Dec. 9, 2011—Unrealistic clients? Maybe it's not them. Maybe ... it's you.
Dec. 8, 2011—Real estate is a contact sport

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