Creating Your First Email Campaign

It's time to leverage the low cost - high reach possibilities of email marketing and use it to stay top of mind with your contacts. In this three part tutorial we will show you how to conquer the beast named "Email Marketing", and give you the content you need to create a personalized and professional campaign.

Part one of the video tutorials can be found below. This session will walk you through the following:

  • Getting your contacts ready
  • Creating a list
  • Importing your list

The second part of the three part tutorials can be found bellow. Video two will cover:

  • Setting up a template
  • How to avoid potential complications
  • Best practices to start up with ease

In this final tutorial covering the basics of email marketing for real estate agents, we show you how to set up your template and where to go to find ideas for the content. Finally, you will be ready to send your first campaign.

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