Email Marketing Part 2

In this second part of the Email Campaign Tutorials, we share with you some secrets of the trade. We've gone through the trial and error with the goal to help you create a campaign as quickly and easily as possible. Be sure to watch the video and avoid getting bogged down in the details of the template creation phase.

The second part of the three part tutorials can be found bellow. Video two will cover:

  1. Setting up a template
  2. How to avoid potential complications
  3. Best practices to start up with ease

For these tutorials we used the MailChimp™ program as an example. Don't worry, a lot of third party email systems use a similar process which we share in these videos.

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Unless you create an account straight from the "MailChimp" link above, you will not see any information regarding the rewards. If you create a free account by using the link, then decide to upgrade to a paid account, you should be able to receive the $30 credit. We use a different provider for our corporate needs, although we enjoy MailChimp as a provider and hope this discount works in your favor. We are not responsible for any discount not received.

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