Just Sold Postcard with Team Branding

Just Sold Postcard with Team Branding
If your team has recently sold a property in a neighborhood where you would like to list again, use this stylish Just Sold Postcard to show your success and get connected to similar homeowners.
Real estate postcard

Getting Started

Create this postcard in a matter of minutes! Upload three property photos, your team's contact information, a short property description, a and personal message to homeowners to create this postcard.

Property Photo's

When selecting the photos for this postcard, look for three photos that best represent the home and its features.

Agent's Message

Use the message space on this postcard to sell your teams services, specifically noting what makes you a better team than your competitors.

Finishing Touches

Your final proof should be printed on both sides of a heavy, postcard-style stock. It will then be trimmed to 6"x 4" postcard size.

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