Keeping in touch with past clients

I care. Do you? Does it really matter? Should I ask?

You may say,"'Who really cares about what I do for a customer after a transaction?" If that's your current line of thinking, step back and think about yourself as the consumer for a bit.

We'll use the example of real estate. Let's say your real estate agent was great, and you would use him or her again, but the question that may occur over time is, "Who is this person?" Maybe your agent didn't stay in touch with you and you forgot about them. How likely is it that you'd return to that same agent for your next home sale or purchase?

On the other hand, you may not have that question if your agent remained in contact with you. What if your agent sent you a newsletter? You may not always value the info, but you'd notice that the agent was making an effort to stay in touch. Then, what if your agent sent you a little gift—a token of appreciation. Then how would you feel?

When I've shared this concept with someone, their response was "Wow!"

Ask your close friends and associates how they would feel if they got a little gift or token of appreciation now and then? They'll say, "Yes, most definitely." You'll notice that people will tell you that they would love it!

Now think about the gift. You don't want to send something that is of no value or interest to your client. Is it unique enough that you'll be remembered? For example, Customer WOW Project has Tickle Pink candy bars in their gifting program. It's unique, delicious gift that people will remember.

There are other ways you can WOW people. Sometimes it's the little things. Check out Customer WOW Project today for our free ebook, and WOW someone today

Jessica Peterson www.customerwowproject.com

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