Tech Tip: Direct Mail Marketing with Corefact

In this BreakthroughBroker.com tech tip video, we show you how you can create targeted and effective direct mail marketing using this powerful system.

Corefact is one of the nation's most powerful direct mail systems, designed specifically for real estate agents. Corefact has competitive prices, advanced technology to benefit both the sender and receiver, and an impressive catalog of available designs.

In this short video, CEO of Breakthrough Broker Nathan Froelich gives you a thorough introduction to Corefact and their system.

You'll see:

  • How to get started using the Corefact.
  • A quick overview of their catalog list.
  • A walk-through of their Home Evaluation Marketing feature
  • How to create a postcard
  • And so much more!

Access Corefact here to start to building fresh marketing material today!

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