Promotional Brochure for Teams

Team Promotional Brochure
Promote your teams successes and accomplishments to surrounding homeowners using this Promotional Brochure made for real estate teams. Perfect for leaving at local coffee shops, as door knocking talking points, or at your team's open houses.
Real estate self-promotional brochure

Before you get started

We recommend taking a moment to map out your content and talking points prior to starting this marketing item because it can take up to 30 mins to create.

The basics

In addition to your contact information, you will need a team photo, your team's logo, contact information and two client testimonials.

Text fields

This brochure offers a lot of space for text. We recommend creating white space by using paragraph breaks by hitting the return key twice.

Intro Text

Use the "Hello" space to introduce your team to the reader. We recommend building rapport by describing your teammates both personally and professionally.

Feature text

In order to create this brochure, you will need about three small paragraphs (4-5 sentences each) to fill this section.

Secondary text

This is a good section to include information about your history as a team or perhaps about your company's background.


Ask for short (one or two sentences) recommendations from two of your past clients.

Why choose me?

Use this space to describe why you're the best real estate team in their community. Focus on your team's expertise in a certain neighborhood or consider discussing your teams most recently-closed deals.

My Unique Selling Proposition

Use this space to describe your teams brand and your unique selling proposition. Say things that really make you stand out compared to your competition.

Finishing touches

Your final proof should be printed on one sheet of paper, then folded in half to form a brochure. A glossy, heavier paper stock will go a long way toward improving the final look of the brochure.

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