TED Tuesday: Pay attention to the details
The small stuff matters

It's once again time to share one of my favorite TED videos. This week's video features Rory Sutherland, who is the Vice President of the Ogilvy Group.

Sutherland talks about paying attention to the small details that make a big difference in how we perceive things. For instance, he references the clever salt and pepper shakers on Virgin Atlantic Airlines flights (with "Stolen from Virgin Atlantic Airlines upper-class" engraved on the bottom) and a Stockholm hotel that allows you to choose the music that plays as you ride the elevators. Those are the little details that differentiate one airline or hotel from countless others.

Why are those little details—which actually make an experience memorable—often missing? Sutherland says it's because we focus too much on the big (and expensive) stuff.

Watch the video and consider Sutherland's message. How does it apply to your real estate career? What inexpensive changes can you make that will lead to drastic improvement?

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