Book Review: "The Encore Effect"

Mediocrity can be a standard that slowly permeates our lives. It's all too easy to simply maintain the status quo. To just be “good" at something has become acceptable.

As I was searching for training material to help my agents (and myself) break out from the status quo and become remarkable, I came across The Encore Effect by Mark Sandborn. I had read Sandborn's previous book on great customer service, The Fred Factor, and decided to give his new book a try. I was not disappointed. The Encore Effect was the perfect read to motivate myself and train my agents to be remarkable in everything they do.

Sandborn starts his book by telling us, "A remarkable performance ... moves us and makes us want more." As I continued through the book it was easy to apply Sandborn's lessons to my real estate career. How did I want my family and clients to characterize me as a person and as an agent? What words would they use?

Disappointing? Marginal? Fair? Okay?<

Or would they use words like ...


Sandborn says, “I believe all of us would like to have our performance described as remarkable. All of us would like to excel at the things that matter most to us. And it is by giving such performances that we achieve the Encore Effect."

The focal point of the book is to inspire you to create a remarkable product in a remarkable way. Accomplish that and you'll have people coming back for more. That's what we should strive for in business, right? We want clients and friends to love us and refer us to the world.

The book contains discussion on passion and practice as key factors in creating remarkable performance. Both are key factors in the every day success of a real estate agent's business.

Sandborn discusses the fact that no matter how good you become you can always get better. He touches on a concept of “deliberate practice." Professionals, such as athletes, practice their craft each and every day. They do the little things remarkably so when it is time for the big show they're ready to deliver remarkable results.

Overall, “The Encore Effect" is a great read for any real estate agent looking to deliver better performance in all aspects of professional and personal life.

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