The Power Of Expectation

As a manager, are you letting your team know what is expected? In this video, Dan Elzer explains how setting expectations can dramatically improve team performance.

Here are Dan's key points:

  • People can achieve great things when there are expectations.
  • When there are no expectations mediocrity is accepted. People will then only do what they have to do.
  • It is the leader's job to set the right expectations.

Dan Elzer is the President of The Training Academy. Dan began his real estate career in 1987 and by 1988 opened a start-up real estate company. Using unique back office systems and dynamic training, he built it into a top company and sold it in 1998. Since then, he's utilized his business development and training skills to open and operate multiple businesses.

Dan has over 24 years of experience and has trained and coached thousands of sales agents nationwide. He also uses his hands-on approach and experience as a Feature and Keynote speaker for conventions and organizations across the country.

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