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The most successful real estate agents come in every shape, size, intelligence level, and personality type. There is the obvious charismatic, attractive, smart, and connected agent who kills it. There is also that agent that you would not trust with a coffee order if they were a barista at Starbucks. Yet they are all wildly successful.

The common denominator all successful agents have is what Gary Gold, the nation's top selling real estate agent, calls “Voodoo”. They have the magic ability to make deals happen where others struggle. Voodoo Agent is the study of taking their actions and making your own magic.

Learn what it takes to be considered among the top 1% of agents in the country by viewing the videos below. Then implement and actively practice the methods and strategies Gary Gold outlines.

Sell Your Home Like a Pro, Not a Schmo // Episode 22

There are little details your sellers can change that will have a huge impact on how a home shows. From the exterior paint to the closet spaces, here are Gary's best practices to getting your listing ready.


Sell What You Got // Episode 23

Well known agents with a lot of experience, a high profile and a great business model have a lot to sell when they are going on a listing presentation. But on any given day any agent can stand out and win business over even the most formidable opponent.


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