Powerful Words for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate professional your clients are choosing you as an individual above all other things. The words you use to sell yourself can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the conversation and the connection you make with your potential clients.

To be a better sales person and turn more leads into active clients, here are good sales words you should use when selling yourself and services:

  • You - Although you sold 25 properties last year, ultimately your prospects are interested in what your service will do for them. When talking about your value proposition make sure you frame the conversation to show them how your success benefits them.
    Example: Because my team has a high list to sale price percentage you can expect to get top dollar for your home.

  • Will - To be a good sales person, wipe clean the words “try" and “maybe" from your vocabulary. Instead, use the word “will" even if you are unsure about the outcome. Using promising words can help invoke feelings of assurance and confidence.
    Example: When you hire me as your agent I will get you the best possible price on your new home

  • Value - Instead of highlighting the benefits of working with you, state the value your prospects will receive if they choose you as their agent.
    Example: You can expect to experience a high level of exposure based on the way I market your property.

  • And - Use the word “and" to replace “but." When you use the word “but" it cancels what you just said which could seem like a lack of confidence.
    Example: Our plan is designed to get you the highest price possible and even though the market is challenging we've taken that into consideration.

  • For Example - Story telling is the sales industry greatest secret. When sharing a story of a past success you helped another client achieve, use the phrase "for example" to make your current prospect see themselves receiving the benefit as well.
    Example: I know your worried about finding the right home but take my last clients for example, they were worried too and here is how it worked out...

  • Their name - Just like the word “you," using someones name in a sentence will evoke an emotional response and show your attention is on them. Also, it's been proven that people listen and respond better when they hear their name.

  • Work Together - It is best to use “work together" or "work with you" in place of “help". Hearing the word help too many times may make your prospect feel uneasy.
    Example: I'm looking forward to working together to get your home sold in the next 60 days or less.

  • Should we - This is a great phrase to use when you need your prospect to do something like sign a buyers agreement. It is a good way to ask for something without sounding like you are telling them what to do.
    Example: If you don't have any other questions should we get started on the paperwork?

Using these words and terms to your advantage will take time and practice. For best results, practice with another agent who is interested in enhancing their sales techniques as well!

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