Automated Marketing Package

Simplifying Your Listing Marketing Within 24 hours of submitting a new listing to your MLS, you will receive an Automated Marketing Package via email that has 10 free, complete marketing templates pre-made for your listing.* Too good to be true? Learn more about A.M.P. below.

How Does It Work?

When you place your new listing on the MLS, we will take your listing data from the MLS and create numerous free custom marketing templates pre-made for your new listing. These templates include social media posts, listing items, open house templates and more! All items are 100% customizable and can be downloaded for free, or prints can be ordered and shipped.

What Is Included?

A custom, Automated Listing Package is made up of numerous free marketing templates that can be used for print or digital marketing.

These templates include:

  • Just Listed Flyer
  • Just Listed Postcard
  • Just Listed Social Story Post
  • Offer Packet Cover Sheet
  • Open House Flyer
  • Open House Postcard
  • Open House Sign-In Sheet
  • Open House Checklist
  • Open House Welcome Signs
  • Open House Social Post

Additional FAQs

Is A.M.P. coming to my market?

If your MLS isn't included, there may be options to get you connected with the A.M.P. system. Please email us at support@expmarketingcenter.com to learn more. Please note it may take time to connect with the MLS's who are not a part of the feed A.M.P. is subscribed to.

How do I get A.M.P. in my market?

To receive an A.M.P. package, your brokerage must elect to share their companies listing property data to ListHub. ListHub is the 3rd party who collects the listing data and sends it to companies like us. To learn more, explore these step-by-step instructions.

Where do I find my A.M.P. listings inside my eXp Marketing Center?

All of your past projects will be saved in your personal profile. You can find your past projects in "Saved Templates" within your profile.

Do I get an A.M.P. email for older listings?

Automated marketing packages are only created for new listings.

Check out your saved A.M.P's HERE.

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