Classic Series Listing Flyer

Listing Flyer
This one-sided flyer is extremely simple to create, but looks just as a great as our two-sided flyers. All you need is four photos and some property details, and you're minutes away from having a great-looking flyer in hand to market your newest listing. This flyer comes with a variety of header options including "Coming Soon," "Just Listed," "Available Now," and "Home For Sale."
Real estate flyer

Getting started

Aside from your own contact information, you'll need a personal photo, four property photos, and various property details to create this one-sided brochure.

Property Photos

Your main photo will be the primary art for the flyer, so use your best photo in this slot (typically a shot of the home's exterior). Use the three remaining slots for supplementary photos, such as shots of individual rooms or the back yard.

Property Details

There are two detail columns, each containing up to eight rows, allowing you to list up to 16 details. This is where you can include specifics about the property, such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, flooring styles, etc.

Finishing touches

Your flyer will be printed on 80 lb paper, also known as heavier stock paper. You can also print the flyer at home on standard printer paper, but a heavier, glossy paper stock can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of the flyer.

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