"Available Now" Real Estate Brochure

"Available Now" Real Estate Brochure
This single-sided brochure has three photo slots, as well as plenty of space to add details and descriptions about the listed property.
Real estate brochure

Getting started

Aside from your own contact information, you'll need a personal photo, three property photos, and various property details to create this brochure. You can also include a company/personal logo and a QR code if available. You can still create the brochure if you're missing some of these elements, but it won't have a completed look.

Property Photos

The photo slots are labeled "Main Photo," "Secondary Photo 1," and "Secondary Photo 2." "Main Photo" will be the main art for the brochure, so use your best photo in this slot (typically a shot of the home's exterior). Use the remaining slots for supplementary photos, such as shots of individual rooms or the back yard.


Use this section to describe the property's location, neighborhood, nearby amenities, school districts, etc. Use a few sentences to highlight the home's best features.

Property Details

There are three detail areas, each containing up to five rows. This is where you can include specifics about the property, such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, flooring styles, etc.

Finishing touches

This flyer will be printed on standard 8.5"x 11" paper with a satin finish if you decided to use our printing service.

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