Closing Day Announcements

Closing Day Announcement
Celebrate your client's new home by posting one of these Closing Day Announcements to your Facebook page. Simply upload two photos of your client or their new home, then push them live to Facebook using our Marketing Center.

Getting Started

To create this announcement you will need two photos, we recommend a photo of the property and a photo of your clients. Simply select "Get Started" above, pick your header out of three available options, and upload your photos. Once done, you can push your graphic straight to Facebook from our Marketing Center.

Marketing Tip

Use the @ function in your post copy so your client, if they are on Facebook, will be notified you created a post for them! Based on their privacy settings, your post could end up on their Timeline for all of their friends to see :).

Template Overview

Our Social Media Announcements are attention grabbing images you can use to promote your listing on your social media profiles. These templates have been sized and designed to look great when published on Facebook, although you can use the images on additional social networks as well.

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