Modern For Rent Flyer

For Rent flyer
Listing a property for rent? This is the perfect flyer to get the word out! This double-sided Available For Rent flyer can be customized with four photos and plenty of property details. This flyer is available in four attention grabbing color schemes! Get started below.

Getting started

Aside from your own contact information, you'll need a personal photo, four property photos, and various property details to create this two-sided for rent brochure. You can also include a company/personal logo and a QR code if available. For best results, follow these tips:

Property Photos

The photo slots are labeled "Photo 1" through "Photo 4". Photo 1 will be the main art on either side of the brochure, so use your best photo in this slot. Use the three remaining slots for supplementary photos, such as shots of individual rooms or a back yard.


Use this section to describe the property's location, neighborhood, nearby amenities, school districts, etc. Use a few sentences to highlight the home's best features.

Property Details

There are three detail areas, each containing up to five rows. This is where you can include specifics about the property, such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, flooring styles, etc.

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