Retro Instagram Post

Retro Instagram Post
Promote your new listing on Instagram with a fresh image that really pops! Using this template, you can create images for all phases of your listing, including "For Sale," "Open House," and "Just Sold." This template is available in seven color schemes with a variety of headers.

To get this photo on your Instagram, you will have to save your project as an image by selecting the PNG delivery method. This will download the image to your computer. Once downloaded, send the image to your phone by attaching your photo to an email sent to yourself. Open the email on your phone, then download the attachments and save the photo to your phone.

Getting Started

To customize this Instagram post template, you will need two property photos, the property address, and the name of the city. This template does not include space to place your branding as its purpose is to catch attention more so than to be used as an all-purpose marketing piece.

Template Overview

This template allows for two property photos and the listing status. It is available in seven color schemes, with some color options being bold to catch the eye. We recommend adding a filter to this image prior to pushing it live on Instagram to really add a pop to your final image.

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