The House Hunting Checklist

The House Hunting Checklist
This House Hunting Checklist is the perfect marketing item to have at open houses and when showing your buyer clients multiple properties in a single day. Customize this checklist with your head shot, logo, and contact information by clicking "Get Started" below!

To download still PDF without agent branding click here.

Keep your buyer clients organized while shopping for multiple properties by using the House Hunting Checklist.

This helpful checklist makes it easy for your clients to keep track of their notes about potential homes. With questions regarding both the home and neighborhood, the House Hunting Checklist is a great way to note why the property will or won't work.

We recommend printing a few copies before the house hunting trip takes place. Prior to visiting a property, write the address and MLS information down for your clients. Once you arrive, share the House Hunting Checklist with your buyers and tell them to have fun! Don't forget a clipboard and a pen!

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