90 Day Sales Manager with Bruce Lund

90-Day Sales Manager™ is a sales onboarding and entrepreneur training program for producers of all levels in real estate. Due to daily accountability, weekly benchmarks, and monthly evaluations, their program has been described as the P90X of sales training. Graduates of the program consistently have their “best months ever” during and immediately after completion.

Founder and director, Dr.Bruce Lund, has partnered with Breakthrough Broker to give BB agents the same great information found in this program but in mini sessions and with work-along steps. By working through the weekly videos and steps in the 90-Day Sales Manager library, you will gain the confidence needed to establish realistic goals, exceed your monthly benchmarks, and keep your pipeline full for months to come!

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More about 90-Day Sales Manager;

The 90-Day Sales Manager program has 300+ organized training videos tied to daily sales content and exercises. It is quickly being recognized as the most robust, systematic training for agents all over the country. The program combines daily virtual training videos with weekly LIVE group sessions either online or in-person (Denver area). Our complete program shows up at your doorstep "in-a-box" along with your own unique login for daily sales activity tracking on through our virtual training platform and 90-day sales CRM system.

Dr. Bruce Lund prides the program on being a truly educational experience for participants. Bruce combines the heart of an educator as a former professor in the Texas A&M system with entrepreneurship having coached top producers all over the country. Let us know when you are ready to join our 90-day sales community of learners where participants train together, grow together, and even do business together.

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About Bruce: Founder and director, Dr. Bruce Lund, prides the 90-Day Sales Manager program on being a truly educational experience for participants to be the best at they are best at. For individuals to differentiate in the commoditized and saturated world. Bruce has over 10-years experience coaching people from all walks of life. Get coached through new-age training for next-generation producers. Learn more about the 90 Day Sale Manager program here HERE.

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